The Mindcellar story

We think learning is like making wine. It takes time and the more you accumulate, remix, and distill, the better it will taste. You get the idea. Oh, and by the way, Mindcellar is not exclusive to wine lovers – we just love a good analogy.

Our vision

To form clusters of authentic and deep connections, where you curate treasures of knowledge and people.

Your Mindcellar

Everyone has a different way of learning, and we are here to help you form yours. We believe in the power of being yourself, and being together.

The good vibe

Mindcellar enables you to feel safe, fun and interactive to learn new things. A place where you know you can show your empathy, be vulnerable, and be yourself. Judgement free.

4 steps to build your mind cellar

Join the mind club &Discover your communities

Exploring new communities is the best ingredient in making a collection of minds you enjoy.

It could be just 10 people that make up an inner circle, or 1000 people where you discover accidental treasures. People are the reason we participate in a community – they are the representation of quality interactions. At Mindcellar, we aim to make that connection more transparent and closer.

Minds behind Mindcellar

Photo of Quinnie Chen
Quinnie Chen
Mindcellar flavour creatorCo-founder (Product)
Photo of Jake Moxey
Jake Moxey
Mindcellar magic bottlerCo-founder (Technical)
Mindcellar logo

Making discovering, exchanging, organising and internalising learnings fun through interactive & inclusive communities.