How is this different from Quora/Reddit?

Quora is great! It covers a variety of topics, and we do share similar features like upvotes and suggest people or request people to answer your questions. But we don't stop there, we focus on a combination of asynchronised learning experience and real-time interactions such as live discussions and mentors on-demand to help people solve the problems in context. So if you want a unique place where you feel belong, purpose-driven, and have more likelihood of meaningful interactions, Mindcellar is for you.

How is this different from Slack/Discord?

We work great together with Slack. Slack is a great tool for having casual conversations. In fact, our team uses Slack as well. We co-exist, as you would need both unstructured conversation and topic-driven conversations. We know the pain of getting lost among conversations, so Mindceller is where we help you to focus and learn, we help you reach the clarity of what topics is interesting to you, which stage are they now, and help you get more out of the interactions.

How is this different from Meetup?

We also love Meetup, you can discover so many formal and informal gatherings. What we do is fine-tuning the interest areas for you, so you can dive into specifics of your interest area, as we help you discover similar topics based on your interactions (more granular metadata) on topics and other users. We also extend the part beyond the invite list (where Meetup is specialized at), we actually run the party for you, but more like the similar groups of people, you invite to your Christmas party. At Mindcellar, you can invite your folks, live stream the conversation, and have followup conversations on the same topics asyncronisely at the time and space that works for you. You may miss the party, but we make sure you can still have a lot of fun at the afterparty.

How is this different from LinkedIn or Facebook groups?

You are right, both of them can be good platforms to know a bunch of talented people and learn from them. But with a purpose-built platform, you are able to focus on what you want to learn instead of getting sidetracked on other topics on the platform, while effectively discover interesting communities you may not be awared before. This is where we focus on learning and helping each other, instead of getting valuable information buried under humbour brags or self promotional posts on a feed. What's even better is contributing and sharing with your community requires less effort on Mindcellar as you are not expected to sit down and write an amazing "top 10 things I've learned from xxx"

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