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Mindcellar is your secret kitchen for your virtual events.

Have all your ingredients prepared so you can focus on engaging with your guests.

Create a wider stream of revenue

with private channels

Deconstruct your conference talks into private channels.

Capture the missing market and allow paid members to pick and choose the most relevant talks.

Conference talk

Streamline speaker coordination

with customisable templates

Save all your hustles of coordinating with your speakers prior to the event.

Streamline speaker coordination through channels that can be customised to your liking.

Extend the momentum

with mind card collections

Your event's mind card collection is a web of your social impact.

Use them to create a powerful statement – showing how your event has impacted people.

Reuse your collection to engage with the missing audience.

Todd Schneider · 6m ago Insights curator

Free is an aquisition strategy, not a pricing strategy

Teresa Hudgens · 35m ago Knowledge critic

How to beat the giant? Let them win, just not on your turf...

Quinnie Chen · 56m ago Visual creator

Original contentFrom: ProductConf 2020

Give more of what your audience wants

with post-event sessions

Understand which of your messages resonate with the audience most with trending mind cards from the event.

Seize the opportunity to spin off a mini-series or live sessions based on the insights.

12:00pm · This Wednesday
Designing with code
Hello everyone, I'm hosting a workship this Wednesday of the basic of learning to design in code.
$99 · 2 hours
Donald ArcherMentor
3:30pm · On Friday
Mentor power hour
Hi! I'm hosting a one hour mentoring session to cover some design topics. Feel free to join.
$40 · 1 hour
Todd SchneiderMentor
Speaker Q&A
3:30pm · On Friday
Ask me anything!
Hi! You may have seen my talk at ProductConf on Tuesday. I am hosting a Q&A session this Friday to cover some missed topics of the talk, and answer your questions!
FREE · 1 hour
Sophie RobertsSpeaker

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