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Ahmed Karina · 6m ago Insights curator

Free is an aquisition strategy, not a pricing strategy

Teresa Hudgens · 35m ago Knowledge critic

How to beat the giant? Let them win, just not on your turf...

Samantha Rowe · 48m ago Community coach

If you want to be considered a great product manager, build the traits and attributes that attract design & engineering talent.

Matt Briggs · 1h ago Knowledge critic

I just want to live in a world where people care about how much value they deliver rather than how many story points they accumulate.

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List of places to promote your product · 5d ago

When we launched our startup a few months ago I looked for lists of places where I can put our project to get our first users and first links for SEO. I found a few of them and started to sort the links by popularity and free/non-free. I also added a list of Reddit subs or Slack communities!

Kerry WithersCommunity coach
10 tips to improve SEO on your website · 10m ago

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a set of 10 points to further increase SEO effectiveness on your website and climb the google ladder. Below are a few things you can consider to help with your website searchability:

Mark Johnson
Is a project manager responsible for completing a project on time? · 22m ago

Of course, a project manager should strive to complete a project on time, but is it correct to say that it is a project manager's professional responsibility? I mean that no matter how professional a project manager is, there are always reasons, impediments that can make it impossible to complete a project on time.

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Hello everyone, I'm hosting a workship this Wednesday of the basic of learning to design in code.
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Hi! I'm hosting a one hour mentoring session to cover some design topics. Feel free to join.
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I'm a UX designer working on a new side hustle. I'm going to be live streaming the initial prototype of my product.
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